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“Institute on the Constitution classes should be taken by every elected official, and every U.S. citizen who desires to have the United States governed Constitutionally.”
Representative Ron Paul
“Help Institute on the Constitution defend against those in opposition to 
God’s Word." 
Dr. Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis
"Thanks for inviting me to be a part of Institute on the Constitution,  May God prosper you and your endeavors  for Him! God bless!" 
David Barton, Wallbuilders
"I thank God for Institute on the Constitution and their willingness to fight to preserve our freedom. Your courage, dedication and insight are a tremendous value to this nation!"
Dr. Chuck Baldwin
“Institute on the Constitution fills a void and provides desperately needed information about the rules that govern the government.” 
Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America
"It has been a great pleasure for me to work with Institute on the Constitution and I look forward to whatever Providence has in store for us in the future." 
Edwin Vieira Jr.
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$594 is the average cost of 1 credit hour at colleges and universities nationwide. 

This course is worth 1 full-semester credit hour for high school students.

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Detailed Lesson Outline:
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"Clearly, the course will appeal to those who believe in a limited government and a biblical Christian worldview. Students are likely to encounter ideas they have not previously considered such as the fact that our form of government is actually a constitutional republic rather than a democracy. Because of thought-provoking information, I expect students will find it intriguing."
"Dear Friends,

Welcome to Institute on the Constitution! As one of the founders of the Institute, I want to commend you for your interest in constitutional government and for your love and respect of America.

As you enter this course of instruction, you should know that you are taking part in the noble experiment in self government that our Founders envisioned. It is Essential that all Americans have a foundational understanding of the proper role and limits of civil government in these united States of America, and that this understanding can be passed on to our children and to their children. Liberty under law is our heritage and it is the blessing we earnestly seek to preserve for posterity.

For God, the Family, and the Republic,
Michael A. Peroutka
Schools & Homeschooling:
"Our kids really need to know this information... it was presented in such a way that kids can understand it... that's what we really need is for [this information] to be able to apply it to their lives!" 
- School Superintendent, OH
Elected Officials:
"[IOTC] forged that steel on my understanding of what the U.S. Constitution was, and how then also to bring it back to being enforced in this country, and what that would look like... I'm able now in the SC legislature to put forward these ideas." 
-South Carolina State Representative Josiah Magnuson
Utilized in Churches:
"I really love that the content is rich with original documents. People can become educated on the foundations of our government and the importance of how it's rooted in our Christian faith." 
- Pastor Mark, CA
Watch 9th-Grade IOTC Constitution Course Graduate, Jacob, Show Off His Knowledge of the Constitution:
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