Institute on the Constitution Summer Internship
Summer Internship Opportunity for High School Students
Yes, I am a high school student in search of a summer internship: 
Institute on the Constitution is searching for high school students who can supplement the efforts of our state constitutions' volunteers. You can learn more about the State Constitution Project here.

Students are welcome to apply if they:
✒ Are a hardworking student in grades 9 through 12
✒ Are a student with research and/or writing experience
✒ Have taken the IOTC's U.S. Constitution Course (highly recommended, but not required)
✒ Can easily communicate with direct supervisors using virtual instruments (Zoom, Email, Etc.)
✒ Can sufficiently work independently with little direct supervision
✒ Can dedicate 16 hours per week starting June 14 through August 14 (Rolling Application Process)
Students are welcome to apply after June 14 start date!

What will students be doing in this internship?
✒ Completing up to 3 high school credits depending on the student's state requirements, 
including 1 civics/government credit, and up to 2 additional credits
✒ Researching their State's Constitution and state history
✒  Students will have an opportunity to showcase their skills and interests in other parts of the IOTC if desired (i.e. help with social media, learning how to network and communicate with IOTC instructors and volunteers, etc.)
✒  Partaking in editing, fundraising, marketing, and leadership roles

What will students earn by the end of summer?
✒ Class credits over the summer (up to 3 credits depending on their state's requirements)
✒ Internship & leadership experience to add to their student portfolios
✒ Completion certificate from IOTC
✒ Experience in writing, editing, and marketing/fundraising (event planning, designing flyers, etc.)
✒ Experience in many different aspects of running an organization depending on the student's skills and interests
✒ Reference letters from IOTC (if they do well) to show future employers or universities
✒ Their names published in their states' finished materials

Learning Objectives of this Internship
✒ Gain advanced knowledge of IOTC's curriculum 
✒Gain a solid understanding of the American View
✒ Gain a detailed understating of their state's constitution
✒ Fine-Tune their research with Primary Documents
✒ Create two tangible projects they will be able to utilize in their future endeavors 
✒ Spend 4 hours/week on studying IOTC materials
✒ Spend 8 hours/week working and researching their State's Constitution
✒ Spend 4 hours/week working on an individualized project with an IOTC team member

I have parent's permission to sign-up for this Summer Internship Opportunity. 
I am available for a zoom or phone interview before beginning my research tasks. 
I am able to use online communications (zoom, email, phone, Google Meets, etc.) efficiently. 
* we will not spam, rent, or sell your information *
Once you apply, an IOTC supervisor will contact you via email to set-up a time for an interview.