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How can you help?
You Can Contribute To The Creation of Your State's Constitution Course In 2 Ways

#1 Volunteer:

Our volunteer program is flexible, allowing you to offer your own gifts and talents as a contribution to your state course project. Are you a networker? An event planner? Do you love to research? Are you a writer? Editor? Designer? Are you good at managing teams and/or delegating tasks? Connect with your state team to find out how you can help in away that suits your skillset!

Yes, I would like to volunteer for my 
State's Constitution Course Project!

#2 Donate:

Each state constitution course costs approximately $10,000 to create! This cost is conservative and includes research and development, script writing and video production, design and layout of manuals, printing of the physical end-product, and promoting the course in your state! All donations go directly to your state course fund and are not used for any other purpose. All donations are tax-deductible, and you also have the option of being recognized in your state's manual for your contribution indefinitely (this includes businesses that donate as well).

Yes, I would like to donate to my 
State's Constitution Course Project!

All About The Project
Did you know?

✔ A majority of law schools across America do NOT offer a specific course of study on their respective state constitutions!

Law enforcement are NOT taught a specific course of study on their respective state constitutions!

Public officials and lawmakers are NOT required to take a course of study on their respective state constitutions!

✔ There are ZERO courses of study taught on your state constitution in public schools!

Does this surprise you? 

Does this concern you?

If lawyers, law enforcement, judges, and lawmakers haven't studied their state constitutions extensively, how can we expect them to know the law and and obey it? Who are the experts, really?

How are We the People expected to hold them accountable to their oaths of office if we don't know the laws of our respective states either?

Our solution:

Institute on the Constitution is on a mission to restore the Constitutional Republic through grassroots education! One way we are accomplishing this is by creating a constitution course - similar to our U.S. Constitution course - for each of the 50 state constitutions. The purpose is to encourage understanding and involvement in local and state government.

Each course will include:

🎥 Video lessons available digitally and via DVD
📒 Student Manual available digitally and spiral-bound hardcopy
📔 Host/Teachers manual available digitally and hardcopy
📽 Power Point presentations for instructors to use in the classroom
📜Pocket Constitution Books for each state constitution
🤝One-on-one support from Institute on the Constitution certified instructors online and in-person



Check Your State's Progress Below:

In Progress (Need Donations)
**In Need of Volunteers

Delaware - COMPLETED! (Need Donations for Video Production)
Indiana (Completion Goal: Dec. 2022)
Maine (Completion Goal Dec. 2022)
Minnesota (Completion Goal Jan. 2023)
New Hampshire
**New Jersey
**New Mexico
New York
**North Carolina
**North Dakota
**Rhode Island
**South Carolina
**South Dakota
Texas (Completion Goal Dec. 2022)
Virginia (Completion Goal Dec. 2022)
West Virginia
Wisconsin (Completion Goal Dec. 2022)

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